Sleeping Lady

Sleeping Lady

Sleeping Lady by Sue Henry is the third book in the Alex Jensen and Jessie Arnold series. Since I have the unfortunate habit of reading series out of order, I read the eleventh book, Murder at Five Finger Light, first. I enjoyed Henry’s descriptions of Alaska, the island and the lighthouse so much that I read the book in a day. Then I decided to go back and start at the beginning. Murder on the Iditarod Trail and Termination Dust are first and second in the series, followed by Sleeping Lady.

Sleeping Lady is the story of a missing pilot and his loner wife (presumed widow) with a bit of poaching thrown into the mix. Henry’s descriptions of the Alaska wilderness are enough to keep me coming back to these books, but the mysteries are strong too. I was engrossed in this story, but I found it difficult to follow at times. Once the action picked up, I had to turn back a few times in order to keep the characters straight. Sleeping Lady brought a whopper of a surprise ending. I really didn’t see it coming.


Alaska State Trooper Alex Jensen is faced with solving the mystery of what became of pilot Norm Lewis, whose plane disappeared six months ago in the vast white wilderness. Even ore puzzling is the discovery of the broken hulk of his Cessna, half submerged in the icy waters of the Spring thaw—with the frozen body of an unidentified woman strapped in the passenger seat. Norm is nowhere to be found, and his wife, Rochelle, a pilot herself, has flown in, demanding to be included in the search.

Jensen and Rochelle begin their probe, an emotional trek through the forbidding Alaskan wilderness—a trail that turns even more ominous as they follow the fateful path of a man who has vanished without a trace, leaving behind a bundle of troublesome secrets, unanswered questions and some dangerous connections in the business of murder.

Book: Sleeping Lady | Author: Sue Henry | Published: William Morrow & Co; September 1, 1996 | Format: Hardcover
Source: Library | Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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