Kitty Update

SukiI interrupt the book updates for a cat update. We planned for Suki* to get a dental last week. We took her in for pre-op bloodwork the weekend prior to her scheduled dental. As it turns out, she has early stage kidney disease. We re-scheduled the dental and did some more tests – a urine culture and an ultrasound – to make sure it was safe to put her under anesthesia for a dental. Yesterday she went back into the vet for fluids to help her kidneys out during today’s dental. We expected that one tooth might need to be pulled. To everyone’s surprise, seven teeth needed to be extracted. She had resorptive lesions. Research led me to find out these lesions are very painful, so I am glad those painful teeth are out of there.

Suki has always been a pretty solitary cat. She’s not so much a fan of our other cats, although she has learned to share her space with Basil. I’m wondering if removing some of those painful teeth will make her a bit more social? We’ll see!

Basil In other cat news, Basil** turns 17 this month! Yes, 17. This guy has been my companion since he was a kitten. I have shared half of my life with him. He is such a fantastic, mellow cat. Happy Birthday, Basil!

* Suki is a failed foster. We adopted her in June 2009 from Austin Pets Alive!
** Basil was my first cat and was adopted in June 1994 from an animal shelter in Orange Park, FL.

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