Review: Nick of Time (Bug Man #6)

Nick of Time by Tim DownsIn my previous post, I declared my interest in all things related to forensic anthropology and archaeology. Imagine how excited I was to find out about a series featuring a forensic entomologist! That would be Nick Polchak, also known as The Bug Man, a series written by Tim Downs. I was going to start the series closer to the beginning, but I received an e-galley for the sixth book in the series and found myself starting with Nick of Time.

Nick of Time begins with Nick preparing to wed his fiancé, Alena. Then just a mere four days prior to the big day, Nick leaves town to meet his friend Pete in Philadelphia. Pete has requested Nick’s help on a cold case that he is trying to solve. Unsurprisingly, Alena is unhappy with Nick’s plan to leave town so close to their wedding day. Nick makes a plan to call Alena every evening at 9pm while he is away. Alena waits and waits, but no call from Nick ever comes. In a message relayed from Nick through their pastor, Alena finds out that Pete was murdered before Nick was able to meet with him about the cold case. In an attempt to try to find out what happened to Pete, Nick follows some leads and ends up in the Poconos.

The Poconos is Alena’s dream honeymoon location, and Nick is there without her. Instead, he is on a wild goose chase and if he does not get back soon, their wedding will be missing a groom. Alena follows Nick to the Poconos, following the same leads that he followed just two days prior. Alena needs to know whether Nick still wants to marry her, but the two keep missing each other. They finally catch up with each other on eve of the wedding, but will the wedding go on as planned?

Alena’s dogs and her kennel are a big part of this story. I generally like stories that are dog-related, and I could definitely relate to Alena’s concerns about her dogs any time they were in danger. However, I found her training of the dogs a bit over the top and unrealistic. About halfway through the book, I realized that I found the characters of Nick and Alena to be somewhat abrasive and I nearly gave up reading. But I picked it back up and finished the story. I am glad that I finished the story because there was a big twist at the end. Sometimes I can suspend logic for a good mystery novel, but it just didn’t work for me in this case. Overall this probably isn’t a series that I will continue reading.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing me with an advance copy of Nick of Time via netGalley.

Book: Nick of Time | Author: Tim Downs | Published: Thomas Nelson, May 17, 2011 | Format: e-Galley | Source: netGalley | Rating: 3 out of 5

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