Social Reading


I joined Copia. I am still trying to get a feel for the whole thing. So far I prefer the Goodreads interface, but maybe that is just because I am more familiar with Goodreads.

Has anyone else joined Copia? What do you think?

My Copia ID is ReaderOfThePack. If you are there, let’s be pals!


5 thoughts on “Social Reading

  1. I have never heard about Copia, but am curious to learn more about it! Would love to know your thoughts and how it compares to Goodreads and other book sites when you’ve had a chance to dive in.


    • I should maybe point out that I actually joined Copia originally to get a free book. But I saw reference to it on another blog and was curious about the social aspects. 🙂


  2. No way am I going to add all of those books again! I fear this will be like Folia and it will be really fun for about two months and then I will quit using it.

    It’s interesting, but I do not find it as user friendly as Goodreads. We’ll see…


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