Saturday Snapshot

Volunteer SunflowersVolunteer Sunflowers

We have some volunteer sunflowers that sprang up from bird seed. Sunflowers are probably one of the only things that will grow with no help during this drought!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Alyce of At Home With Books.


26 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

    • I do love sunflowers, Kay. I have been trying to keep our yard regularly watered this summer, but I feel so guilty using water for a lawn during this exceptional drought. My hopes are to replace any lawn areas with native Texas grasses within the next year or two. We’ll see. For now, to water or not to water?


    • Aw, poor guy! One year I intentionally planted mammoth sunflower seeds in my garden. They were gorgeous, but the heads were so big and heavy that they all drooped.


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