Review: The Vaults

I work as an archivist. It is probably no surprise that I like to read fictional accounts of archivists.

The Vaults by Toby BallThe Vaults by Toby Ball begins with an archivist finding duplicate records in the stacks. One record has clearly been altered, including a different photo of the accused murderer. The archivist takes this matter higher up to City officials, wondering how such a thing could have happened. At the same time, other secrets within the City government begin unraveling.

The Vaults might be described as noir crime in a dystopian society.

Each short chapter switches character perspectives and I normally like that very much. Maybe it was because I had a lot of other stuff on my mind or maybe it was because I only read a few pages per day, but I had a hard time keeping the characters straight for the first 75 pages or so. I kept having to turn back to previous chapters to reacquaint myself with the characters. However, once everyone was straight in my mind, I quite enjoyed The Vaults.

I could imagine the whole story as a crime adventure movie. I hope that happens.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars