Current and Upcoming Reads

Currently Reading:

Hotel Angeline: A Novel in 36 VoicesHotel Angeline: A Novel in 36 Voices

Hotel Angeline is a rare book in that it was written by 36 authors, but it is not a compilation of short stories. The final product is one complete novel. Further, the novel was written in front of a live audience. Imagine the pressure! Watch a video about the concept:

Cop Killer

Cop Killer by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö (audiobook)

Cop Killer is ninth in the Martin Beck series. Of course, this is the first Martin Beck that I have read. I hope I am not missing too much by having not read the first eight in order. I am about halfway through and the narrator, Tom Weiner, is very good.

New Arrivals:

The Murder of the CenturyThe Murder of the Century: The Gilded Age Crime That Scandalized a City & Sparked the Tabloid Wars by Paul Collins

I won this one in a Goodreads giveaway and I can’t wait to read it.


Thereby Hangs a Tail by Spencer Quinn To Fetch a Thief by Spencer Quinn

Thereby Hangs a Tail and To Fetch a Thief by Spencer Quinn  (audiobooks)

I listened to the first book in the series, Dog on It, and I loved it so much that I bought the book to read again. I bet I will want to do the same with these two. Going in, I never would have thought that Dog as Narrator could work so well. Folks, it works very well. I love a good animal-centric mystery.